Sander Meisner's photographs of colorful spaces with complex visual patterns create a sensory overload. Most of the interiors he photographs are made of plastic laminate and are characterized by ephemeral design featuring colorful decorations and asymmetrical shapes typically used in 80's and 90's theaters, cinemas, casinos and similar buildings. 

The interior spaces he photographs stand in stark contrast to his exterior spaces because these are mostly designed around their functionality and have been shaped in concrete and metal.

His exterior views of buildings and the interior spaces however, are all boldy colored semi abstract images of architectural details.

Sander Meisner is a self taught photographer and uses medium and largeformat camera's to make analogue darkroom prints.

Curriculum vitae

b. 1979, Amsterdam

Education: self taught

Solo and duo exhibitions

2017, "Plastic", Rutger Brandt gallery

2016, "Spatial arrangements", de School, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2015, "Spatial arrangements", duo with Wouter Stelwagen, Rutger Brandt gallery/Seelevel 

gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013, "Geometry of nowhere", solo, Brummelkamp galerie, Amsterdam Zuidoost, the Netherlands

2013, "Constructing reality", duo with Rune Guneriussen, Rutger Brandt gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2010, CBK, solo, Alkmaar, the Netherlands

2009, Studio K, solo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Group exhibitions

2020, Untitled Art Fair, San Francisco, USA

2015, PAN art fair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2015, "Space is the place", Galerie Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

2015, "Open call", One Eyed Jacks gallery, Brighton, UK

2014, PAN art fair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014, "new Dutch photography talent", art'otel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014, SlangenHulsker, Haarlem, the Netherlands

2014, "IAMSTERDAMYOUBERLIN", St. Johannes Evangelist-Kirche, Berlin, Germany

2014, "YIPart", Christies, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014, Raw art fair, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2013, "2x2", Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, USA

2013, PAN art fair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013, Kunst rai, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013, "Group dynamics III", galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013, "Light / colours: a print sale campaign on behalf of the AAP laboratory", Huis Marseille

 museum for photography, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2012, Club A. Projects @ LOODS 6, Amsterdam

2012, PAN, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2012, "2 jaar galerie Brandt!", galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2012, Kunst rai, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2012, "When the night falls - nocturnal scenes in contemporary photography", KiK, Nijeveen, the Netherlands

2012, Raw art fair, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2011, "Group dynamics II", galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2011, Eurart project, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2011, Art market, Budapest, Hungary

2011, Eurart project, Vienna, Austria

2011, "So show me II", the Print space gallery, London, UK

2011, Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2011, "1 jaar galerie Brandt!", galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2011, "Here comes the night", Mediadvanced gallery, Gijon, Spain

2010, w8n8 during museum night, Central Station, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2010, International festival fotografia, Rome, Italy

2010, Kunst 10 daagse, Bergen aan Zee, the Netherlands

2010, "Group dynamics", galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2010, studio K, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2009, "Nightwalkers", 2x2projects gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prizes & Awards

2015, one eyed jacks gallery open call, selected finalist

2015, new Dutch photography talent


2015, Het Parool

2014, Volkskrant magazine

2013, AMC magazine

2013, NRC handelsblad

2012, It's nice that

2012, American suburb X

2012, Urbanautica

Print publications

2015, PAN art fair, catalogue

2015, Ain't bad magazine, "From here on" issue

2015, Artwort magazine

2015, New Dutch photography talent, book

2014, PAN art fair, catalogue

2014, Status magazine

2012, Botanica, edition

2012, Tunnels, edition

2012, When the night falls, book

2011, LO, magazine

2010, Here comes the night, book

2010, Dust and dessert magazine

2010, Holy ghost magazine

Online publications

2015, Landscape stories, night issue

2015, New Dawn 

2014, Ain't bad magazine

2014, Fotografia magazine

2014, Bleek magazine

2014, Lens people, interview

2014, Mutant space

2013, VBCN (Vereniging Bedrijfs Collecties Nederland)

2013, One giant arm

2013, Hungry ghost, interview

2013, The tree magazine

2012, Stand quarterly

2012, Galerie journaal, interview (Dutch only)

2012, Gup




CBK Zuidoost

Private collections in the Netherlands and abroad

Represented by

Rutger Brandt gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Commissioned works

De School Amsterdam

NIKE x Football

Bloomberg bussiness week

NEXT architects

Heren 5 architects


All works are printed by AAP-lab, Amsterdam


Rutger Brandt gallery

The Velvet Cell


Young In Prison

Jason Koxvold

Guy Sargent

Wouter Stelwagen

Jordi Huisman

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